Italian Parsley
Description – Aromatic leaf, member of the
mint family.

Flavor – This herb has a strong flavor And

Perfect Combination – Tomato And tomato
dishes, egg dishes, lamb chops, eggplant,
peas, squash.
Description – Grass like herb.

Flavor – Onion Flavor.

Perfect Combination – Salads, eggs
And cheese dishes, fish, soups.
Description – Delicate texture, leaves
resemble flat leave parsley.

Perfect Combination – Widely used in
Asian And Southwestern cooking. This is a
versatile herb, use your imagination.
Description – Delicate And small herb.

Flavor – The flavor is sweet And refreshing.

Perfect Combination – Salads, cheese,
fish And shellfish, some vegetables.
Description – A widely known herb.

Flavor – Delightfully cool And pungent flavor.

Perfect Combination – Sauces, jelly's, lamb,
an edible garnish.
Description – Wild marjoram.

Flavor – Has a pleasing , pungent flavor
And smell.

Perfect Combination – Chicken, pork,
soups And sauces.
Description – Flat leaves. Loses flavor
when exposed to heat for a long periods.

Flavor – It has a pepper like flavor.  

Perfect Combination – To season And
garnish, potatoes, pasta, meats.

Flavor – It has a pepper like flavor.  

Perfect Combination – To season And garnish,
potatoes, pasta, meats.

Flavor – It has a very pungent flavor.

Perfect Combination – Tomato, soups, chicken,
mats, roasted anything, in combination with sage.
Description – Long thin leaves.

Flavor – Has aromatic leaves with a slightly
sweet And bitter after taste.

Perfect Combination – Fish, chicken, lobster,
Description – Small leaves in a thin branch.

Flavor – Has subtle earth flavor And aroma.

Perfect Combination – Chowder, lamb,
meats, stews, vegetables.
Herb Encyclopedia
Herb Encyclopedia: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, Italian parsley, parsley,curly parsley, rosemary, tarragon, thyme,
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