Fillet – a thin cut of meat, fish, poultry, removed from the bone

    Filet mignon –A small steak from the tender loin of beef

    Fine herbs – A fine mixture of herbs used  to season

    Flan – Open tart

    Food - it gives our body energy

    Foie gras – Goose liver

    Fond – Basic Stock

    Fondant – Thick liquid sugar icing

    Fondue – A cheese dish of melted cheese. Pieces of bread And meats are dipped in it.

    Frappe – Iced

    Fricassee – A white stew

    Fumet – Concentrated stock from fish And shellfish

    Galatines – Stuffed chicken or veal in the from of a large roll, usually glazed with sauce And decorated for cold

    Garbanzo Beans - Medium size, round, beige, firm beans with a nutty flavor, also known as chickpeas. A
    popular salad bar ingredient; also used in Mexican foods And a main ingredient in hummus - a Middle Eastern

    Garbure – A thick vegetable soup

    Gartde-Manger – Cold kitchen, a chef in charge of the cold foods in the kitchen

    Glacer – freeze to chill, to cook to acquire a shiny surface. To slightly brown food in a salamander

    Gnocchi – Dumplings  made from potatoes

    Gratin – Browned surface of foods cooked in a hot oven or salamander

    Hacher – To chop finely

    Half-and-Half; Half &  Half - is a mixture of equal parts milk And cream, And is 10 to 12 percent milk fat. It cannot
    be whipped.

    Halva - a sweet dish or candy made from ground sesame seeds, fruit or vegetables. Near Eastern in origin.

    Hang - to tenderize game or meat by hanging in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

    Herbs - any of a large group of annual And perennial plants whose leaves, stems or flowers are used as a
    flavoring; usually available fresh And dried.

    Hollandaise - a sauce made of butter, egg, And lemon juice or vinegar.

    Hygiene - Conditions And practices followed to maintain health, including Kitchen Clean Up And personal

    Jardiniere – A fresh mix of vegetables cut into julienne

    Jus – The natural juice of mats

    Jus lie – Thickened meat juices

    Julienne - Vegetables, potatoes, or other items cut into thin strips; 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch by 1 to 2 inches/3 mm by 3
    mm by 25 to 50 mm is standard. Fine julienne is 1/16 inch by 1/16 a inch by 1 to 2 inches/ 1.5

    Lactic Acid - a colorless liquid produced as milk sugar ferments And milk sours. It is used to curdle milk in
    cheese making.

    Lard – Bacon or salt pork

    Larder – To lard by inserting strips of fat into tough meat with a larding needle to make tender

    Leeks - A member of the onion family which does not form a bulb. Leeks are a thick stalk that resemble a large
    green onion without a bulb.

    Liaison – A thickening or binding agent, commonly egg yolk or heavy cream to thicken soups And sauces

    Lozenge cut - A knife cut in which foods are cut into small diamond shapes.

    Macedoine-  Diced, mixed vegetables or fruits

    Magnum - a single bottle with a capacity of two bottles or about 2/5 gallon, or 160 centiliters.

    Maître d' hôtel - Dining room manager or food And beverage manager, informally called maitre d'. This position
    oversees the dining-room or front-of-the-house staff. Also, a compound butter flavored with chopped parsley And
    lemon juice.

    Marinade - An appareil used before cooking to flavor And moisten foods; may be liquid or dry. Liquid marinades
    are usually based on an acidic ingredient, such as wine or vinegar; dry marinades are usually salt-based.

    Medaillons – Round pieces of meat

    Melanger – To mix two or more ingredients together

    Melt - Heat slowly in a pan until the ingredient becomes a liquid.

    Mirepoix – Dice vegetables And herbs used to flavor stocks, sauces And soups

    Mise en place – Everything in place

    Mince - To cut food into very small pieces. The terms "finely chopped" And "minced" can be interchangeable.

    Combine ingredients, usually with a spoon or electric mixer, so they are all evenly blended.

    Molasses - A syrup made from natural sugarcane juices, clarified, reduced, And blended. To produce table sugar,
    raw sugar is processed into refined sugar. The remaining syrup is the sweetest molasses. Additional processing
    results in darker And stronger tasting molasses called black strap.

    Monter – The beating of cream, egg whites

    Napper – To coat with sauce

    Neat - an undiluted alcohol.

    Nutrition -  The processes by which an organism takes in And uses food.

    Nicoise - Italian dishes made with tomatoes; Nicoise olives, garlic, beans, anchovies, etc, prepared "Nice" style.
    Salad Nicoise is made with potatoes, olives, beans, And a vinaigrette dressing.

    Nougat - A confection made from sugar And honey, sometimes mixed with fruit and/or nuts.

    Paille – Straw (potatoes)

    Panada – A binding agent

    Pan-broiling - A cooking method similar to dry sautéing that simulates broiling by cooking an item in a hot pan
    with little or no fat.

    Pan-dressed - Portion-size whole fish, dressed.

    Pan frying - A cooking method in which items are cooked in deep fat in a skillet; this generally involves more fat
    than sautéing or stir frying but less than deep frying.

    Pan gravy - A sauce made by deglazing pan drippings from a roast And combining them with a roux or other
    starch And additional stock.

    Pan-steaming - A method of cooking foods in a very small amount of liquid in a covered pan over direct heat.

    Parcook- To partially cook an item before storing or finishing by another method; may be the same as blanching.

    Parchment - Heat-resistant paper used in cooking for such preparations as lining baking pans, cooking items
    en papillote, And covering items during shallow poaching.

    Paprika – Hungarian And Spanish red pepper

    Pâté - A rich forcemeat of meat, game, poultry, seafood, and/or vegetables, baked in pastry or in a mold or dish.

    Pâtissier - Pastry chef. This station is responsible for baked items, pastries, And desserts. This is often a
    separate area of the kitchen.

    Paysanne – Triangular shapes slices of vegetables

    Petits fours – Small fancy cakes, decorated And iced

    Pilaf – a rice dish with out meat

    Poach – To cook in simmering liquid

    Proof - Swelling or expanding. When yeast swells And becomes bubbly, it "proofs". Dough proofs when it swells
    And rises to twice its original size.

    Puree – Mashed, sieved or blended

    Radicchio - A salad green with red And white leaves; varieties range from mild to bitter.

    Ragout – A rich stew made of meat or poultry

    Ramequin – A dish in witch food is cooked And served

    Reduce - Boiling a liquid until its volume is reduced by evaporation, thickening And condensing the liquid And
    intensifying the flavor.

    Reduction – The result of reducing by boiling down sauces to increase consistency, richness And thickness

    Render - Melting animal fat over low heat to separate it from any connective tissue, turning this tissue crisp And
    brown. The clarified fat is then strained. Cooking fatty meats, such as bacon or spare ribs, until the fat melts.

    Resting - Meat juices are driven from the surface as it cooks. Allowing meat to "rest" before slicing lets the juices
    return to the surface, resulting in more flavorful meat.

    Roux – Thickening agent made of equal parts  of butter And flour, cooked

    Sabayon – A sauce resembling custard, mainly used for puddings or vanilla ice cream

    Sachet Bag  - Cloth bag filled with selected herbs used to season stocks And sauces

    Salamander – A small broiler used to brown or  gratin foods

    Tabasco Sauce -  A hot sauce comprised solely of vinegar, red pepper, And salt.

    Tempura - Seafood and/or vegetables that are coated with a light batter And deep-fried.

    Toss – To mix with rising And falling action

    Tripe – The edible lining of stomach (beef)

    Unmold - to remove food from its container, usually a decorative mold. Gelatin And fatty dishes can be unmolded
    by setting briefly in hot water, then reversing over the serving dish.

    Unsweetened chocolate - chocolate liquor or mass, without added sugar or flavorings; used in baking.

    Unsaturated fat – A kind of fat that is in liquid form at room temperature

    Veal - meat from calves slaughtered when younger than 9 months (usually at 8 to 16 weeks); has a lean, light
    pink flesh, delicate flavor And tender, firm texture.

    Vegetable Oil - a general term describing blends of different vegetable oils such as corn, safflower, rapeseed,
    cottonseed and/or soybean oils; these blends are generally intended to have little flavor And aroma And to be
    used as all-purpose oils.

    Veloute -  A sauce made with veal stock, cream, and tightened with a white roux.

    Venison - meat of deer.

    Vent - to allow the circulation or escape of a liquid or gas.

    Veronique - usually means garnished with white grapes.

    Vert-Pre - a green herb sauce; also, a garnish of straw potatoes And watercress served with grilled meat.

    Volume - the measurement typically used to measure liquids; volume measurements are commonly expressed
    as liters, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, gallons, fluid ounces and bushels.

    Zest – Citrus  grind

    Zucchini -  Green Italian squash. A moderately long cylindrical summer squash with smooth, dark green
    skin with a slightly bumpy surface, creamy white-green flesh And milk flavor; also known as a courgette
    (especially in Europe).
culinary dictionary
Lemon Zest
culinary dictionary
culinary dictionary
Poached Egg
culinary dictionary
culinary dictionary

    Ice Bath - a mixture of ice And water used to chill a food or beverage rapidly.
    Infuse - to steep herbs And other flavorings in boiling liquid. Coffee And tea are examples, And so is milk
    steeped with vanilla bean.

    Iodized Salt - table salt (sodium chloride) containing potassium iodide, a source of the essential nutrient iodine.

    instant-reading thermometer - A thermometer used to measure the internal temperature of foods. The stem is
    inserted in the food, producing an instant temperature read-out.

    Kasha -Buckwheat groats that have been hulled And crushed; usually prepared by boiling.

    Kebab; Kabob - minced meat or cubes of meat on a skewer, usually marinated before cooking.

    Knead - Mix or work a dough until it stays together And is smooth And elastic. To knead, dust flour where you are
    working And on your hands. Add more if needed, while you work. Make a ball out of the dough And press down
    once on it with the heels of your hands. Turn the dough about a quarter of the way around And fold it in half
    towards you. Press again with the heels of your hands. Keep turning, folding And pressing (about 10 minutes)
    until the dough does not stick.

    Kosher - Prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

    Offset spatula - A hand tool with a wide, bent blade set in a short handle, used to turn or lift foods from grills,
    broilers, or griddles.

    Oregano - an herb (Origanum vulgare) And the wild form of marjoram; has a woody stalk with clumps of tiny, dark
    green leaves that have a pungent, peppery flavor And are used fresh or dried, principally in Italian And Greek
    cuisines; also known as wild marjoram.

    Quahog - A hard-shell clam larger than 3 inches/7.5 mm in diameter, usually used for chowder or fritters. Also
    called quahaug.

    Quenelle - A light, poached dumpling based on a forcemeat (usually chicken, veal, seafood, or game) bound
    with eggs that is shaped in an oval by using two spoons.

    Quiche - A dish that is a light custard mixture of eggs, cheese And sometimes a meat or vegetable fillings,
    baked in a pastry shell.

    Warm - to heat a food using a very low temperature of approximately 105*F to 115*F (40*C to 45*C).
    Wash - to apply a liquid to the surface of an object to remove dirt; often a cleansing agent is added to the liquid;
    the process may not kill microorganisms.

    White chocolate - Cocoa butter flavored with sugar And milk solids. It does not contain any cocoa solids, so it
    does not have the characteristic brown color of regular chocolate.

    Whole-wheat flour -Flour milled from the whole grain, including the bran And germ. Graham flour is a whole-
    wheat flour named after Sylvester Graham, a nineteenth-century American dietary reformer.

    Yarrow - an aromatic herb used in flavoring omelets, stews And salads.

    Yeast - Microscopic fungus whose metabolic processes are responsible for fermentation. It is used for
    leavening bread And in the making of cheese, beer, And wine.

    Yogurt - Milk cultured with bacteria to give it a slightly thick consistency And sour flavor.

    Xérès - French for Sherry Wine.

    XL - abreviation for extra-large, such as extra-large eggs.
Culinary Dictionary
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