Canned Corned Beef
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    1 can Corn beef
    4 oz tomato sauce
    2 oz ketchup
    ½ half small onion, cut in slices
    ½ half cuban peppers, cut in slices
    1 envelope sazon
    1 medium potato, cut in julienne
    ½ cup corn, canned (optional)
    To taste salt and pepper
    2Tbsp. sofrito
    1Tbsp. vegetable Oil
    5oz water

    1) In a small pot, heat up the oil
    2) Add the onions and peppers, cook for 5 minutes
    3) Add the sofrito and mix well; cook for an additional 3 minutes
    4) Add the tomato sauce, sazon and ketchup; mix well
    5) Add the corn beef and 5 oz of water and mix well. Add the salt
    and pepper according to your desired taste
    6) Cover and cook for 20 minutes at a moderate temperature
    7) Add the French fries and corn; mix well and cook for an
    additional 3 minutes
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