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Cocifacil a great tool for cooks that want to expand
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Learn to cook like a Chef with
Cocifacil the Cooking Class on DVD
Today you have discovered a portal for all cooking lovers
and people that need to learn to cook. This website was created by Chef
Milani a graduate of the The American Culinary Institute And former Professor
of Culinary Arts in the University of the East in Puerto Rico. She has dedicated
her life to teaching others how to cook and now
YOU get to learn from her too.
Here you will find Video Recipes, a Culinary Library and articles that will help
you with your culinary skills. Her new DVD Cocifacil the cooking class is a
great way to culinary school. Learn the secrets that Culinary Arts students pay
for at a fraction of the cost. Study at home on your time and you will be amazed
at the results.
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