White Pepper
Star Anise
Black pepper
Achiote - Lipstick
Curry Powder

Flavor – Subtle garlic flavor.

Perfect Combination – Use mainly to
add color, rice, chicken, pork.
Description – 6 point star.

Flavor – Strong sweet flavor And

Perfect Combination – Used in
deserts And any type of roasted
Description – Bark.

Flavor – Strong sweet flavor.

Perfect Combination – Preserve
fruits, drinks, cake, pastries.
Description – Dried flavored buds,
they look like nails.

Flavor – Its pungent And sweet

Perfect Combination – Marinades,
stocks, sauces, ham, cakes, pastries.
Description – Round, light brown, hollow

Flavor – Sweet And musty flavor.

Perfect Combination – Sausage, pork,
curried dishes.
Description – Small seed And it
can also be used ground, its color
And texture resemble sand.

Flavor – Strong earthy flavor.

Perfect Combination – Sausages,
meats, rice, meats, eggs, cheese.
Description – A mixture of 16 to
20 spices. Different brands vary in
favor And hotness.
Flavor –
A very strong earthy flavor

Perfect Combination – Curries
dishes, eggs, vegetables, soups
And rice.
Description – It is a small kernel of

Flavor – Sweet And aromatic it has a
strong flavor.

Perfect Combination – Soups,
chicken, veal, many vegetables,
deserts, bread, pastries.
Description – Ground from a dried,
sweet red pepper.

Perfect Combination – It is moistly
used to add color.
Description – Hard berry.

Flavor – Pungent flavor And aroma.

Perfect Combination – Used to
bring out the flavor in foods.
Flavor – Pungent flavor And aroma.

Perfect Combination – Used to
bring out the flavor in foods.
Description – Fresh red, thin, strips.

Flavor – It has a subtle flavor.

Perfect Combination – Used to add
color, rice, breads, cakes, soup.
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